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⚠  please note:

LuLu is currently in alpha. 

This means it is currently under active development and still contains known bugs. 
As such, installing it on any production systems is not recommended at this time! 

Also, as with any security tool, proactive attempts to specifically bypass LuLu's protections will likely succeed. 
By design, LuLu (currently) implements only limited 'self-defense' mechanisms.

LuLu is the free open-source macOS firewall that aims to block unauthorized (outgoing) network traffic, unless explicitly approved by the user:

Full details and usage instructions can be found here.

To Build
LuLu should build cleanly in Xcode (though you will have remove code signing constrains, or replace with you own Apple developer/kernel code signing certificate).

To Install
For now, LuLu must be installed via the command-line. Build LuLu or download the pre-built binaries/components from the deploy directory ( contains everything), then execute the configuration script ( with the -install flag, as root:

$ sudo -install

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