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Eventually, a Swift re-write of JSQMessagesViewController.

⚠ Currently, there's no code here, only empty projects! ????

Please be patient while I get this project going. It will be slow.


I don't have a solid timeline for releasing v1.0 of this library. However, I can say that v1.0 will not be released until after Swift 3.0. This is to avoid churn with major releases, and it fits with how much time I have to work on this. Also, Swift 3 isn't that far away.

There may be a beta before Swift 3, and clients are always well to use what's on develop at their own risk.

Want to help?

Good! ???? There's already interest from the community, see #1. Once I get some basics setup — the initial project, example app, travis-ci, roadmap, etc. — I will start adding contributors.

Please do not open any issues or PRs yet. The project is not quite ready! ????