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Insert: a (potentially) great code editor for iOS

There exists few great code editors for iOS — I've tried them all. My current favorites are the excellent GoCoEdit and relatively reasonable Coda.

This project is an experiment, to see how hard it is to throw something together that is reasonable. Most attempts at doing so are pathetic, so I'd like to take a shot at it. I understand that this is no easy task, so I may very well walk away from this — this is just an idea. I've been looking for something to do lately, and this seems like a great way to learn a few new things.

The app, if ever finished, will be free, as in freedom, and its code will be open source.

Help would be much appreciated, as the only iOS development I have ever done is with the Love2D Framework.

Intended Workflow

  • iOS 11 Files integration, so you can edit files from any source with this application.
  • SFTP Workflow, as this seems to be the best.
  • Potential collaboration with Blink, for launching terminal connections from the editor.
  • Potentially, have a built-in Git Client, maybe… that'd def be v2 though.

Intended Enhancements

  • Visible Whitespace/Invisibles Option.
  • TextMate Themes Support.
  • Arbitrary Fonts Support (e.g. AnyFont or custom profiles)
  • Multiple views at the same time (e.g. split view w/ ⌘D)
  • Search through files (e.g. ⌘T).
  • iCloud sync for configuration.


  • This project will mostly likely be written in Swift, and utilize a number of open source libraries that are available.
  • Much inspiration will be taken from the excellent GoCoEdit project, as well as Pythonista.