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NOTE: I've currently hit the API limit. In the meantime, you can provide your own OAuth credentials and build the project manually.

A project that integrates the Google Assistant into macOS, using the Google Assistant SDK.

"Google Assistant is now on over 100 million devices" - Sundar Pichai @ Google I/O

MacAssistant can bring that number to 200 million


Downloads are listed under the Releases tab. Click here to directly download the latest version.

MacAssistant is currently in Beta.

Example Queries

"What's the weather today?"

"My agenda for tomorrow."

"When was Benedict Cumberbatch born?"

"Does the president of the United States have any children?"

Build Instructions

MacAssistant is built using Swift 4 and Xcode 9.1

Clone the project using git clone --recursive (This project relies on some submodules to work)

Once cloned, cd into the grpc-swift directory, and run make.

You should then be able to open the MacAssistant.xcworkspace file (not xcproject!)

You will also need OAuth credentials from the Google Developer Console. In order to get them, you'll need to create a new project and enable the Assistant API for that project. Then, generate an OAuth credential, and select application type of Other. Download the json file by clicking the button on the right. Finally, rename the file to google_oauth.json and place it in your project (/MacAssistant/google_oauth.json).


Please feel free to contribute to this project. I welcome all contributions and pull requests. There is a list of pending things that need to be worked on in the file.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details