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iTunes Connect Library inspired by FastLane

Swift Build Status Platforms Carthage compatible

I wrote MotherShip for two reasons.

  1. love FastLane, but I am not proficient in Ruby.
  2. I wanted to see how difficult it would be to write a port.

What can MotherShip do?

  1. Login to iTunesConnect
  2. Get list of Testers
  3. Get list of Groups
  4. Invite someone to test an app
import MotherShip

let firstName = "C"
let lastName  = "B"
let email     = ""

let tester = Tester(email: email, firstName: firstName, lastName: lastName)

let testFlight = TestFlight()

testFlight.login(with: creds)

let code = testFlight.invite(tester: tester, to: appInfo.appIdentifier, for: appInfo.teamIdentifier)

To Do

  • Documentation
  • Ability to update app info
  • Upload build
  • Code signing? Or just leave it up to Apple
  • Two-Factor Authentication?

There is a Command Line Interface for MotherShip.


$ mothership login <user> <password>
$ mothership testflight invite <email> <first-name> <last-name> <app-id> <team-id>