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Google Translate

Download Here

(No money to buy Mac development certificate, can't in the Mac App Store shelves)

Without having to open the browser, just open Mac application and you can easily use Google-translation service

PS: I once has downloaded an application which built-in Google-translation service from Mac App Store. Unfortunately, the developer is not chinese and he did not consider China's national conditions, so I just can't use his app unless I open VPN

  • Introduction: Because of work reasons, I access to a lot of English. So I ofen go to Google-translation online, but every time I need to open the browser to open Google-translation website which is s bit trouble. Then I developed my own Mac application which built-in Google-translation service. It's super easy to use!

  • 中文介绍

Software screenshot:

Tip: If the installation fails, go to "System Preferences ---> Security and Privacy" allow non-AppStore software to run, as shown: